Another set of AV test results

This is another recent comparitive test performed on a wide variety of AV products.I never pay too much heed to the results of these tests but can it really be a coincidence that Avira tops the list again?

AVG ranked 4th. surprising.

Interesting Ikarus is second, never really heard much from Ikarus.


And kaspersky only 10 th and Webwasher Gateway, who normally scores really high is pretty low today with place 15…

Yeah right …

Have you seen the Version of Eset they used ?? It’s still V2…


Perhaps the NOD32 3.0 version they installed made a 100% CPU usage? lol It is happening to a lot of people. I guess they would have mentioned it, yeah. :slight_smile:

Also, which versions did they test? There is no reference of what so ever for most of them (I can’t see it).

detection rates are meant to be the same in 2.7\3.0 i think. Only that engine is more efficient at removing and faster scanning etc…

It’s great AV ! But produces a lot of FP and is quite heavy on the resourses :slight_smile:
These results are clearly made up. Webwasher has the same detection rate as G-Data :slight_smile:

I dont trust that av test!
lol Kaspersky is 10th and NOD32 is 28th and they use NOD32 v2 :-
Yeah right :-TD


I know about Ikarus just yeah in that test they maked it too good. :slight_smile:
Btw I use a-squared Anti-Malware 4.0 that uses 2 engines one of them is Ikarus engine.


The results may or may not be accurate or representative but made up? What possible reason would there be to falsify the results? The site isn’t sponsoring any particular AV product.

Anyway rather than debate the merits of one test my point was that it doesn’t matter which tests you look at or who performs them Avira is always right up there at the top end.Is it just pure coincidence?

all tests should considered puzzle peices that make up the whole :wink:
It’s only testing 3k~ samples so that might be one reason that some scored low, they might be new or very old samples also. But yes… Avira is always on the top!