Another program shut down firewall

Hi I have been a loyal user of your comodo internet security premium version 5.0.163652.1142 and I have come across a slight problem. I recently install Microsoft Security Essentials while also using comodo internet security premium and noticed that Microsoft Security Essentials was able to shut down your program completely. It not only shut down your program but said I was not the administrator when I tried to restart your program or remove Microsoft Security Essentials from my computer. The only way I was able to gain control of my computer was to put it in safe mode while not connected to the internet. Your product has always been number one for me and I think you should look into this issue. I must state also this occurred when I restarted my system.

well, first I don’t see why MSE would shut down Comodo , I will have to try it personally.

second, did it really shut down the firewall ( cmdagent.exe) or did it just close the interface cfp.exe?

The interface as well as the firewall did not respond I am running windows xp home version.

try looking in task manager to see if both of those are shut down or if just one of them is not working.