Another possible activation issue, software conflicting with firewall [resolved]

This is my first post, so I’ll apologize in advance for violating any forum conventions.

I recently downloaded the firewall but, like some users, I could not reach the order confirmation page (all I would get is a “server not found” message). Since I couldn’t confirm my order, I never received an activation code. After much hair pulling, as well as opening a couple of tickets with support, I finally found out what was happening.

I use a well-established and legitimate anti-malware app called Spyblocker ( ); it works by changing the Hosts file, blocking ads, popups, bugs, etc. The problem is that in performing its duties it also prevents the order confirmation page from loading. It can also prevent the firewall (once you do get the activation code) from successfully registering. My solution was to simply disable Spyblocker before I downloaded Comodo; I then re-enabled Spyblocker after registration was complete.

I just thought I’d warn some users who may also be using some sort of 3rd party anti-malware app.

Thank you for your input.
I’m sure that some users will find it helpful.
The host file is often a problem when you try to activate Comodo.
I will put resolved on this thread and lock it, to other users benefit.