Another New Free AV Bitdefender Licenced

1 user version 29.99 GBP
free? ???

Plzz check the link properly & follow the procedure correctly.

I got 1 free.


Now for the test please Naren.

Please, Naren. Your tests are important.

I name like Free antivirus product from SmartPC.
Any screenshot?

Edit: When I try to purchase it it display like this.

Free for a year?

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I too am confused it is permanent free or free for 1 year.

The site has a comparison table which mentions free AV too. I have installed free version but I am able to enable/disable paid features which are shown for paid AV in the comparison table.

I have installed free version. It looks exactly like Bitdefender. Tested few malware not much but the detection seems the same as Bitdefender. This is 1 licenced product which seems to detect the same as original product. Testing with few more malware will show if the detection are same.

The email I received mentioned requirement 256MB RAM & during install it mentioned 1000MB physical memory required, install anyway with Yes/No tabs. I have 512MB RAM & its running light here on XP SP3 32 Bits.

Attached is the screenshot of the main GUI & Comparison Table.

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It doesn’t have a very good WOT rating:

Yes. others like Comodo, Norton, Mcafee, mentions safe.

KillSwitch mentions the processess safe.

I have sent them an email with few queries. Lets see what they reply.

"The site has Free AV under Free Tools & also a comparison table featuring Free AV, Paid AV & Internet Security.

There are few confusion I want to clear.

I installed the Free AV version with the licence received. But the product mentions 365 days remaining. Does this mean its free for 1 year only?

You have licenced Bitdefender. Are you using latest Bitdefender Engine, Databases, etc? And few more info would be good.

Your products looks exactly like Bitdefender except the name. Any similarities/differences, etc."

Currently testing now with malware on real system.

Can anyone tell me whats the purpose of autopilot when ON & when OFF in BitDefender?

It deletes few & quarantines few. I saw the setting to quarantine in custom settings but cannot find any to ask.

Though it & other apps are running light, & it is detecting malware fine but the AV alerts are appearing little late. May be bug or may be due to low RAM, the system has 512 MB RAM.

I guess the autoupdates are good. After the initial update within an hour & half it again updated.

Looks doggy… Waiting for the results…


As per the comparsion table on their site

Free Version - MyFreeAntivirus

Paid Version - MyAntivirus & Internet Security

But with free version we are getting MyAntivirus instead of MyFreeAntivirus.

Confusion, right?

Tell me about it. Something is not right. ???

Looks, sounds and smells.

  • It is free (just remove all but 1’st line from shopping cart) !
  • Detection seems fine (requires further testing).
  • Updates on hourly basis.
  • Seems light on CPU and consumes about 160MB of virt mem (phys depends on what’s going on in your OS - at mine it’s about 30MB most of the time) - compared to AVAST CPU impact it’s VERY light !
    [li]I’ve failed to locate sched scans as well as any relationship with Bitdefender.

10’x for sharing it’s availability :slight_smile:

After careful reading of Bitdefender User Guide I’ve not doubts that this is BT.

edited : updates are also downloaded from BT net (verified via CFW :wink: )

About sched scans : not available since not needed. Replaced by Auto Scan :

Auto Scan is a light on-demand scan that silently scans all your data for malware
and takes the appropriate actions for any infections found. Auto Scan finds and uses
time-slices when system resource usage falls below a certain threshold to perform
recurring scans of the entire system.
Benefits of using Auto Scan:
● It has close to zero impact on the system.
● By pre-scanning the entire hard-disk, future on-demand tasks will be completed
extremely fast.
● On-access scanning will also take significantly less time.

Auto Pilot :

For all the users who want nothing more from their security solution than to be
protected without being bothered, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 has been designed
with a built-in Auto Pilot mode.
While on Auto Pilot, Bitdefender applies an optimal security configuration and takes
all security-related decisions for you. This means you will see no pop-ups, no alerts
and you will not have to configure any settings whatsoever.

BTW: I strongly recommend against usage of Auto Pilot by advanced users.

Auto-Pilot is also not for any type of users. As there are no alerts a user will not know on threat detection.

There is no way to set it to ask.

Haven’t received any reply from them yet.

Sent another email to them just now.