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They say comodo fails even though it gave the user a pop up about a global hook and in the warning it talks about key logging and if the program is unknown not to allow it. This is not a comodo fail but a user fail. 88)

Okay how would help a user like me to fully understand how prevent from failing about a global hook, we are not a computer wizards and most people still don’t understand where to look for it or how is works.

I do agree with this wording This is not a comodo fail but a user fail.

what is their testing methodology (if they one and if they don’t keep changing it)?

In that testing methodology it should clearly explain what a “fail” is.

lets look at what it says in the “methodology” published and compare it with the test result.


all a global hook is that you are giving that program direct access to the key board, screen, mic and so on. Rarely do programs need direct access. I have installed tons of programs and I never seen that warning, the only time I might see it is when I am installing games and such, but your average everyday program will not pop up that warning.

I am not a fan of the video, and have told them that. On the other hand, it illustrates a flaw in CIS. I would have blocked the D+ warning, but someone less knowledgeable may allow it.

If these “global hooks” should always be blocked, then CIS should do it automatically, but I suspect CIS cant because there are legit programs that may need it allowed.

In the end it boils down to Comodo needing to become more user friendly, via a much larger whitelist, smarter behavior analysis, etc…

So in the end they are not testing whether the program works or not but if it works automatically.

Indeed. I think we all know, in the hands of an experience user CIS provides 99.9% protection. In the hands of the less experienced, maybe not.

But you don’t need to be an experienced user to ujse a pc with CIS, If I install it and configure it like it should be, then I activate the parental control it will protect itself. I could do that on a laptop, bring it to a bunch of kids, leave it for 1 year with them and I bet when I came back the computer would still be clean.

But will those kids be able to install games and other programs they want, with CIS allowing them to install/work correctly?


John would be kindly enough to break down what you mean by “No” ??? clocks is making a very clear point here I’m not a very experienced computer security user using CIS, as I’m still learning ??? :wink: ;D

If there was a magical configuration that gave no popups, blocked all malware, while letting all the good stuff work as it should, I think it would be the default. CIS is not there yet.

I misread. If parental control is set (passwords in effect), no CIS configuration changes can be made unless the password is given.
My first thought with parental control, the alerts are being suppressed. Under this condition, nothing new can be installed, and no alerts will ever be seen.

John can you please explain what these two section really means

  1. Suppress Firewall alerts if password protection is enabled

  2. Suppress Defense+ alerts if password protection is enabled

Very unprofessional and shaming how MRG talked about LordRaiden in that video…

If you have a password set, and select to suppress these alerts, then you will have no alerts pop up. The default setting will be to deny as you won’t have the option to allow.
(great setting for Libraries as an example).

Thanks John now I understand :wink:

They disabled the comments on the video because they know i am right, chicken testers, can’t stand up to being grilled on their own procedures. So goes to show you how much they suck.

this is just another false video , why these guys just don’t get it ! ? if something on top , they should admit it and say " yes it is " , it’s not like comodo will gain anything from their confession !

and look what I found amusing here , this guy doesn’t even " dare " to reveal his voice !!!

if he can’t speak that’s not a shame or something but if he is gonna represent an organization , he should do it in a way by which it reflects what they are all about , what he showed us is nothing but a proof of what melih said about their " methodology " in testing ,

thanks comodo for the great work

we trust you not because of the name but because of the professional way which represents the morals and the attitude of which you follow !


hook methods can be allowed … , its a comodo fail OFC !, comodo give full acces to if u allow, comodo fail
Its like a application try to decompress with upx (Ekv.exe) , allow, full acces.
If u want block all action from a executables, kill our computer…
PS : The hook call a api, for user keyboard… if we block it ,86000 applications cannot run.

Exemples :
if i block it, i cant use any application out here.
Stop be fan