Another minor GUI bug (v, X32, XP SP3)

Hey, as I deleted the folder C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\Repair with all its files, CFP later wanted to update from v. to v, Yes, that’s right.

As CFP wanted to perform this update, there was a small GUI bug as you can see in the attached screen shot. The box appeared after I clicked “Update Details…”.

Also note, the one pixel red dot is still around in the upper left corner. :slight_smile:


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LOL LA I haven’t seen error windows with no text since Windows 98. :smiley:

He’s obsessed with slimming down XP, even if it’s from his beloved CFP :-\

PS: I do not have this bug in Check to see if that fixes it.

Then I’d have to reinstall an older version since there’s nothing to update to. And reinstalling an old version would bring back the bug. Heh, catch 22!

But actually there is one way to do this. Deleting the Repair folder again. I did so, but the GUI bug is still around. You really didn’t have this bug?


I truly do not have this bug. Maybe you deleted one too many things. I’m not joking on this.

Can you stretch the edges of that dialog box?

No bug for me either.

That is probable.

No, and clicking outside it makes it “flash” a couple of times, like all Windows dialog boxes (those boxes who don’t allow you to click outside the box, just like M$ don’t allow you to think outside the box :().


Hi Löwenadler,

after trying to reproduce your error I get a similar screen, but with text.

Maybe I’ve deleted something wrong with nlite?


[attachment deleted by admin]

Oh well,

that was an old one. Does anybody remember?

And… have times really changed since then?


LOL, I prefer no text instead of that text. :slight_smile: