Another malware infection

Another trojan lands in a Comodo Dragon folder. See attachment. Sending this to Avast, too.


This time though, it’s in the cache folder so it’s something downloaded when you browse the internet, not created by Comodo browser. I assume you’re running Comodo FW. Comodo FW will not react until the so-called infection starts to run. If it stays dormant then Comodo FW will not discover it.

Hi cloudsandskye!Thank you for the feedback.

Can you give us this file because we need it to further investigate this issue?

[i]Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team[/i]

I am not running Comodo Firewall, but rather the firewall built into Windows 7 Professional.

I am sorry to say I deleted the file last night using the Avast software. But, I’ll try to remember for the future that you may want to look at it if this should occur again.