Another FUD R.A.T for the sake of Comodo <<<Your Welcome

Hello, I am back with a second R.A.T That no Anti-Virus will pick up, but by looking at my last post, I would like to help Comodo. I have submitted the file (Reported File 2.exe) Here is some info about it.

Size: 827518
MD5: 321bd8d0e0c17e85c652891eebc729cb
SHA1 b330963addda5b9a9598d5d13daf98de450b80a3
SHA256: 848458ba2e6f18a600d3b63766348b05a88643b603e27a3e2b5e389e4c8ec45e
Process: Exited

READ: I have reported this file as being crypted with a program called React Crypter. I will post more later.

Hi Recrosardo,

The proper topic for reporting such malicious samples is here:

Detection for the submitted sample will be available soon.


Erm, then My file would never be examined. :frowning: << I’m trying to help.

Hi Recrosardo,

Why would your files not be examined if you report them there?

Hello, not trying to sound like a smarty, It’s just, look at all the post there… I’m scared these critical files which compromise more than security, and privacy, will be ignored.

Don’t worry AV Labs is monitoring that thread closely, and they respond to every post made there.
Thanks in advance for disclosing these nasty unknowns so Comodo can protect it’s users!

I’ll take your word for it. Oh, and I’ll probaly no life this alot, not to win a medal, just to say one day, I helped Comodo stop alot of bad guys kids. Lols, thank you good sir.