Another Flash Problem

Hey there, Im a happy Dragon user since early 2012 and I up till now had no issues with it. It seems that there is someting wrong with adobe flash plugin for it. ever since the day before christmas it was behaveing. Now the boxes for videos or ads that shold line up now a are in the wrong placeses like the picture im going to insert. Please help. I tried uninstalling flash , restarting and reinstaling it. comodo runs fine when flash isnt installed but when I reinstalli it for youtube and such the out of place gray boxes are back. I even tried reinstalling comodo dragon but still the same issue.

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Hi and welcome digidawg2,
This looks to me like some form of possible corruption/conflict with a third party extension.
Try with your extensions disabled and in particular any blocking extensions.

Thanks for answering. I tried what you sugested but I still have the same issue going on still. Any other sugestions

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Try disabling the WM Player extension, clean cache and cookies and restart the browser. Does that make a difference?