Another computer stopping at "Calculating Backup Size"

OK, so I had a hard drive failure. Luckily for me I have been using Comodo to backup across the network onto anotehr machine, so I got all my data files back without a problem. However, now Comodo will not work for me! I am using the latest version which I downloaded today.

My PC isn’t rediculously old or anything, it has a Core2 Duo and 2GB memory. I installed a brand new 320GB Seagate SATA hard drive today. I installed XP Pro w/ SP3 and ran all available Windows Updates. I installed my device drivers. I installed AVG AntiVirus. I copied my data files across the network from my backup computer. I then installed Comodo Backup and configured my backup. Comodo is set to backup “I:\Documents and Settings\Username” with exclusions “*.tmp *.dat *.log” and “testing” the backup is successful.

This is identical to how the machine was setup previously. However, now when I try and process my backup it just stops at “Calculating Backup Size” and never ever does anything more. It does not even attempt to start the backup.

I have a fresh/clean installation of Windows, with my docs/settings folder populated with my Desktop/Documents files that WERE ON THE MACHINE ALREADY previous to the hard drive failure. Comodo has been backing these files up in the past successfully.

I have tried setting the destination on the local computer. I have tried backing up a smaller section (just the Desktop). I have tried user/service backups. When I tell it to run the job, Comodo minimises (I have set this) but then immediately restores back on the screen with the message “Calculating Backup Size” sitting there forever. It does nothing more than that :frowning:

I’ve seen other users with this error and no helpful responses. Please investigate this!!!

Hi Thetos

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As this is a new Windows install it may be as simple as making sure that the windows task scheduler service is running and operational. The new version of Backup needs this service. See here. If this does not solve the problem let us know.