Another COMODO EULA controversy

Guys check it out:

Translation from Polish is not perfect(by google), but… this is the one of few articles recently appeared on polish websites criticizing EULA in Comodo products. This is not a tempest in a teapot. Many users consider to abandon CIS and other products…

The most controversial things from EULA:

-Comodo has the right to gather personal information(many procucts do the same)
-Comodo may disclose the data to its afiliates(actually who and why?)
-Privacy policy applies only to Comodo, not its partners or affiliates(what does it mean?)

I think that COMODO should clafiry what kind of data are colected, are these data personal or anonymous, and when and to whom Comodo maqy disclose this information?

Comodo is very popular in Poland, but if the company won’t clarify the EULA, many users will turnt back to COMODO.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
I’m appalled
I dumped Comodo some Weeks ago for other reasons but just this by itself would have been enough to make me look elsewhere for security.

I have Comodo - what to do, how to live?

Jeśli prywatność nie ma dla ciebie znaczenia, albo nie pracujesz na komputerze z “delikatnymi” danymi, korzystaj z produktów Comodo dalej :wink: Możesz też poszukać alternatywy dla Comodo wśród tych aplikacji . If privacy is not for you the meaning, or you’re not working on the computer with the “delicate” data, use Comodo products more :wink: You can also look for an alternative to Comodo among these applications.

PS Mam dziwne wrażenie, że oprogramowanie typu freeware może być dla użytkownika czasem bardziej kosztowne niż najdroższy odpowiednik… PS I have a strange feeling that freeware can be user-sometimes more expensive than the equivalent of the most expensive …

These are exteme privacy fanatics that are never happy with any software and their are conspiracys for everything. Don’t believe everything you read.

As for privacy, go look up comodos firewall leaktest

Using a search here, will find your answers

Well, what can I say about this apart from it will go over my head… Anyone with a ounce of common sense will know this is utter


Not really like in all things the devil is in the detail. Tho I don’t think it’s anything to worry about it truth be told.

Seems like after “disclosing data to its afiliates” the latter would not be bounded by any “privacy policies” with users from which data was collected by Comodo. That may mean “afiliates” would use “personal information” according to their noble aims (cynics may say “as their left leg would desire”)

So does this mean Comodo have the right to take Files from my PC silently?

The majority of vendors do this sort of thing, Especially with free products.

So is this partially void?..

By installing the software you are agreeing to the EULA so no.

No this doesn’t mean your private documents,etc. can be transferred from your system.What it might mean is that usage data,such as websites visited could be passed on to a third party for targetted spamming purposes.

Well… that sounds unsetting…and not quite right

[snip]...such as websites visited could be passed on to a third party for targetted spamming purposes.
I'm not sure about this statement though. I hope some official can shed a light on this.


Anyone notified an “official” about this? :slight_smile:

I’m sure he meant targeted advertising, like if you use the search engine.
Or if he meant email, that could only happen if you give your email (not required to use the software),
And check the box to receive news, updates, offers. And even then it’s not Spam when you sign up for it and you can opt out at any time.
I have yet to receive one? anybody ever get an email from an affiliate?

That poor Blogger is 0-3 on points.

  • He should learn about SSL and the cert business, the flaws and realities. And eventually he would learn the real whole truth about this issue which was beaten to death a year ago.
    Comodo is a leader in trying to reform the unacceptable status quo in the cert industry.

  • Comodo and Softpedia dispute was resolved and the erroneous Spyware label was dropped.

  • EULA…tin foil hats anyone? Really these guys seem like they’re trying so hard to read between the lines to find something wrong, they’re not able to see what it actually is saying.
    A lot of these unwarranted fears could be remedied if lawyers spoke common english instead of their own dialect I call CYA.
    Instead of trying to make a sensational blog post at Comodo’s expense, If he really was so concerned about the privacy policy, instead of posting questions to the ether why didn’t he just ask Comodo directly about exactly which info is used for what and is or isn’t shared with whom.

Have a lovely day.

The Polish Blogger begins with…

Controversy over Comodo

As the dotTech, there are three problems:

Blah, blah, blah like Bad Frogger pointed out all of those issues were discussed in detail and resolved last year. Dredging up these previously published and resolved issues at Comodo’s expense in order to gain a few minutes of fame should place this wannabe in the Blogger’s Hall of Shame.


Personally, I think it should be removed from the EULA.

I use Security Software in the hope that it will prevent people from getting to my data.

That’s the point that seems to get lost in the legalese.
Nobody is doing anything to, or with Your data.

All your base are belong to you.


You’re right… but, why EULA is not precise enough? There shoud be info when, and what information is collected…Not everyone is a lawyer.

I could be wrong but isn’t this the sort of legalise(probably not a word but deal with it) that allows them to upload suspicious files to Comodo servers to be tested? They technically need to own the file in order to create a signature for it. I assume the wording is to cover circumstances such as this.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. :-\