'another CAVS beta release?'

Where’s the beef, err, I mean beta? Thursday has come and gone - all without another CAVS beta release?

This can only mean that next week’s new beta release is going to be super-fabulous . . . right? :wink:


Not necessarily… Everyone may be out of the office doing their holiday shopping. :smiley:

well, we fixed this freeze bug, which has been puzzling us for some time…
so we wanted to wait until early next week to release another beta with that fix (plus many others).


As always, I’m looking forward to it. And of course the more bugs that are squashed the better.

Thanks for the update.


Excellent news ;D. Looking forward to the next release.


Tomorrow is Thursday, I am hoping it will be released then :smiley:

Oh, me, too! I truly wish to see what CAVS without the frozen bug will look like… ;D


I haven’t tested the latest beta, but I will most likely try out the newest one when released and submit some feedback, all I am waiting for is for Comodo to go ahead and release it :smiley: