Another bypass ?

The problem with this is that it would greatly reduce the usability of CIS.

I will make the solution thicker.

How else can signed malware be stopped??


  1. companies have to protect their digital signatures better.

  2. The best and easiest way to solve it is that comodo either add what products certain company offers or checks it through the cloud scanner. While comodo checks through the malware will have to wait.

I have asked people in the malware forum to give ideas how to solve this issue but nothing happened; comodo’s employees only removed the names from the trusted vendor list.

I am doing what I can to help :slight_smile: if it’s not taken in consideration it’s not my problem and I feel proud of helping and contributing ideas.

Valentin N

Malware like Stuxnet should be able to be stopped with V3.

For malware that is in the TVL I believe a response from umesh (which can be read here) explains the case quite well. These will not be dangerous malware, but adware.

If you find a company in the TVL that is distributing a product you do not believe to be trustworthy, just report it and it will be fixed promptly.