Another BOClean program/update problem

Sorry for another “BOClean update problem” thread again but why is mine having those error messages yet I allowed it to access the internet (PC-cillin FW). Though the list of the variants it detects says “25041 trojans are covered in your current BOC423.XVU file” and " Your current antimalware database was released on 2007-05-06 13:03:03". Also sometimes when attempting to install BOClean on an admin account (not the hidden “Administrator” account), the startup folder just shows some blank folder icon thing and says uninstall BOClean or perhaps it’s just me :-.
Also what’s the difference between BOCore.exe and BOC423.exe? The 423 thing shows in my process list


Quite interesting! I have been had same kind of updating errors after I set up the new comodo boclean 4.2.3. Perhaps this is a server problem. I hope will be solved sooner. best regards


BOCore is the driver - the “guts”

BOC423 is the user-end - the “pretty” stuff

If you have unexplained update issues, where the download seems successful, but the update doesn’t happen, or other weird issues, Kevin would like to know about it, here:,8915.0/topicseen.html