Anonymous firewall alerts

We can “judge” by what you are telling only.
Unrequested ftp sounds weird.

Anyway, sometimes a reinstall happens here. And before i would waste hours with worries, i would just reinstall.

You can buy any hardware firewall you want, its just a firewall. The internet is like a big street. Its important that you know how to use and how to cross it. Fbook a problem? Dont use it!

Why cant comodo see the asus tool, but just the attempt?
Why did the amount of strange things increased, like you said?

The thing that happened with Asus AI Suite II, if you want my personal opinion, I think there is a bug in Comodo. Because I deleted all entries in my firewall and started from scratch, I put “All applications” at the bottom and set it to “Ask” so that new programs not listed there will ask. I completely wiped out the entire list and started from scratch, putting only my primary apps in the list.

The problem here, is that I only got to see that it was Asus software that accessed the ftp after I deleted all entries, Asus was blocked entirely before I wiped the list clean. So the bug here (In my opinion) is that, perhaps Comodo will not successfully see what app is used to access ftp if the app is completely blocked out, and it should be able to see that, thats why I think it is an errornous way of handling blocked apps. It reported to me that it was the operating system that accessed the ftp when the app was entirely blocked, but when I deleted the entry that blocked Asus, it told me it was Asus that wanted to access ftp.

To go deeper into this, if Asus relies in accessing ftp through its own drivers, and the software is blocked, perhaps comodo will first and foremost see the drivers as part of “Operating system” that wants to access ftp. And If i allow the software to run, perhaps comodo will first and foremost see the asus software to access ftp before the drivers… I don’t know, it could be one explanation.

Like this:

Asus AI suite (blocked, Comodo ignores this request and doesn’t see it)
Asus drivers (tries to access ftp)

Asus Ai suite (unblocked, comodo see this first)
Asus drivers (tries to access ftp)

Nice finding.

There is a bug section in this forum. It requires to use a text form…

But if you can reproduce your finding, its well worth to post this bug.

I wish I could report it, but I’m afraid it isn’t a bug because if Asus AI suite can’t successfully aquire access to ftp and then goes on to the exception handler, signals its drivers to perform the connection to ftp and the drivers goes on to do this, then it isn’t a bug, because I’m specifically told comodo to block Asus AI suite, complete block it, and I’ve not told comodo to completely block asus drivers. I could report it, but I’m afraid it isn’t a bug after all. My firewall is doing exactly what it has been told to do. In the big picture, this can be more like a confusing feature of comodo, but not a bug. It was my mistake to confuse this as a bug. If asus ai suite and drivers were one executable, it would have been a bug, obviously, but they are separate and run under two separate environments, one in ring 3 and the other in ring 1. They are not only separate executables but also separate execution environments.

If an application is completely blocked by a firewall, it still has the right to communicate to other applications to order them to perform a connection, that is perfectly legal without breaking a firewall rule.

It can be better understood if you think of two men, one is a potato farmer and the other is a weapon designer, working in an arms factory. If the governor of that state bans the farmer, disallowing the farmer to create more potatos, but does not ban the arms designer in making weapons, doesn’t mean the governor is breaking a rule if he lets the arms dealer do a favor for the farmer, in the name of anonymous helpful friendlyness, this isn’t breaking a rule. It might be ambitious, but it isn’t breaking a rule and the governor have to see this as an act of the arms designer, not an act of the potato farmer.

The governor knows the arm dealer is doing a favor for the potato farmer, but no legal documents can prove this, so the governor have to make the public conclusion that this is an act of the arms dealer, and has nothing to do with the potato farmer at all, despite the fact that the governor knows it is a favor for the potato farmer.

Windows is designed to allow this, and most other operating systems are too, the OS is designed to let apps communicate with one another in many ways, using pipes is one way to do that. It’s perfectly legal. But it would be illegal for the firewall to say that the potato farmer is making an ftp call after it asked the arms dealer to make the call for him. It would be politically incorrect to do, because the arms dealer have to decide for himself whether or not he wants to do this favor for him.

…and of course asus drivers are designed to obey asus software.