Annyoing message for unkown files

Hi to all,

I have the German version of CIS. Unfortunately, it has become so annoying for me because for some specific and unknown files, CIS asks hundred times that they want to have access to somewhere; do you allow it? I have answered both yes and no (in different cases) and have all times checked out the box to remember my answer and don´t ask this anymore. But few seconds later the message appears again and it is really annoying. For this reason I use Game mode, in which I don´t encounter any problem, but I guess it is not safe. Could you please help me how can I resolve my problem?

Also, I wonder if you answer me in pictures( if possible); because my German is not perfect

Thank you,

Can you show a screenshot of either the alert or the corresponding logs (Firewall or D+)? We need to know the exact nature of the alerts you are getting.

If your German is not perfect and are more comfortable with English then it may be better to change UI language to English. I can read German, I am from the Netherlands, so I am fine if your screenshots are in German.