Annoying problem with truecrypt + Comodo FW

I’m having a rather annoying issue using TrueCrypt (v 6.1) in combination with the Comodo Firewall (latest version 3.5.55810) running on WinXP Pro SP3. I got my browser and several other internet applications on a crypted partition which I have to manually mount on each boot (after Windows starts - no, I don’t want to have it automounted through storing the pass in the driver).
The rules for the applications are long set of corse, yet after bootup and after everything is mounted properly, Comodo FW gives me a popup message for the first application on that drive that needs internet access, asking me to allow or block access for said application altho, as stated above, a rule already exists.
Now I assume that the firewall checks the validity of the program paths while the sys is booting, hence thinks that the then still unmounted partition wouldnt exist and ignores the rules.
I’m probably only one of very few people experiencing that “bug”, yet I would be glad to see that issue fixed in an upcoming update.

PS: If it’s any help, I think the error didn’t occur with the v2 of Comodo FW.


i’m experiencing the same issue

pls help!


Same here

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