Annoying issue with CPF installer

An annoying issue I already noticed with the previous beta of CPF, is that if you change the default installation path, and choose something deeper, you end up in having CPF installed in some folder beginning with “…” right under the root of your drive!


    1. start the installation,
    1. you are proposed to install it in “c:\Program Files\Comodo\Personal Firewall”
    1. if you change the path and choose something deeper, let’s say:“c:\Program Files\Applications\Internet\Comodo\Personal Firewall”
    1. the installer seems to be OK, and displays the path as something like
      “c:.…Applications\Internet\Comodo\Personal Firewall”, supposedly because the path is too long to display (usual trick seen everywhere)
      and you complete the installation
    1. you are asked to restart
    1. after restart, you can notice that CPF was actually installed in the exact path displayed in step 4, instead of the full path provided by the user. Indeed, it is actually installed just under the disk root under a folder named “…Applications”, in which is located “Internet\Comodo\Personal Firewall”!

In summary the installer retrieves the path as displayed for installation, instead of using the actual path provided by the user…

BTW, another minor annoyance, is that in step 3, you cannot choose the exact folder you want CPF in, but just some folder under which “Comodo\Personal Firewall” is forcibly added. Would be nice to let the user choose here :wink:

Will fix it in release version so that “…” doesn’t show up.

But we would like to keep “Comodo\Comodo Firewall” chain whereever you install.
As we don’t want to end up dumping all the files in the folder specified by user, there can be files with the same name and if you select some other product and specify same folder as destination, it may overwrite existing files.

OK, fine by me, fixing the “…” is the actual hassle anyway.
Thanks in advance (hoping that will be fixed for the 2.3 release ! ;))