Annoying Icon on Startup [Not-Resolved]

See my screen shot.

See the little icon (The one next to CFP 3 & Sound)?

I want to know how to get rid off it on startup. It’s “Safely Remove Hardware”.

Any help appreciated.



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Do you have something plugged into a USB port? MP3 players? Thumbdrive?


I have a laptop. However, I also have a Memory Card for my phone, & That icon relates to it. If I STOP it, the icon will go away, but the Memory Card for my phone won’t load properly.

But… I don’t like it automatically on startup. Hmmmm… ???


So you just want to get rid of the icon? I can’t help ya on that one sorry. I bet soya would have an idea though…

Yep… I’ll wait. Here are the properties for it.


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Hey Josh,not sure if this what your after but it may help.

Right click on Taskbar/select properties/Customize.

In the current items section find the icon and highlight then from the dropdown select allways hide/OK.



Tried that mate. No go, I even tried rebooting too.

Just a reminder: It is something to do with the Memory Stick for my phone, I use the external holder thing to put the Memory Card in, into my SSD Slot (I forget what its called but its like a Camera Slot thing), On the side off my laptop.

There has to be a solution :-[ :-\

Thanks guys.


AFAIK, that particular icon can’t be hidden.

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

It’s never happened before…

Strange… I will try to figure it out by my self! ;D


There’s probably some dll-file related to this… If you can find out which one, you can remove/rename it. There’s probably one in dllcache, so better remove/rename it too.

I’ll try and find it…

Standing by…

Of course I do ;D. You most likely do have a external device connected to your PC to see it, like USB-related.

It’s definitely not something that you can simply tweak in the registry etc. I once used a little tool from someone created to remove it, but I have to google for it.

I have a laptop.

I don’t use a mouse… I have wireless Internet.

Anyway… It’s a tricky one :-\

Hey Josh look at #5 of Kelly’s Korner. Maybe you can edit that and get the results you want.

Thanks V.

I have the script attached here from Kellys Corner Tweak #5. So if anyone knows Reverse-Engineering and can edit this script to make the icon go away, would be great.

Or any other possible solution ???


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As Ewen always states, “Patience, grasshopper.” ;D

I found the program that I used to use: HideSRHi . I added it to my startup folder to auto run on each boot.

It used to be on, but they removed it. Keep searching for it elsewhere…

More info here:

and here:

Thanks mate I’ll look for a download.

Edit: Those links in those forums are 3-4 years old. None of them work. I am still trying to find that HideSHRI app.

Ye sorry. Even search maestro + google fails (:SAD).

I know there are other free tools that does the job + more, but the HideSRHi would’ve been the most efficient since it just targetted this one icon. I’ll get back to you later once I find the one I use at work ;D