Annoying bug returns in Comodo Defense+ 3.5.54375.427

Okay, the issue that I reported here:

… is back after the update that I performed to bring my Firewall/Defense+ up-to-date.

This bug was NOT present in RC1, nor was it present in the update that immediately followed RC1, this bug has just now returned in the newest version, to my knowledge.

Is there any actual fix to this problem, or will I have to simply rest my fate on the competentness of the Comodo devs to fix this problem update after update?

Just to make things more precise, I installed the Firewall with Defense+ (No AV) from CIS 3.5.52764.414 RC1, and the bug was no longer present. I updated 3.5.52764.414 RC1 to the next version about a week or two afterwards (it was no longer RC1/Beta at that point, if memory serves–I cannot remember the actual version #), and the problem was still NON-existent! Then just a few days ago when I updated to 3.5.54375.427 (the newest version), the bug returned… What the heck is going on !!!


EDIT: I changed occurrences of the word Firewall to Firewall/Defense+.