Annoying auto-updater

First I want to say that I think Comodo Firewall is an excellent firewall.

There’s one annoying feature though. When using full-screen applications, Comodo’s auto-updater forces the application to background so that the user can see that the firewall is succesfully updated by showing an animated Comodo firewall logo in system tray for a while. Many times this is just harmless but very annoying feature, and sometimes the application I was using closes itself which isn’t necessary harmless anymore.

Is there a way to make the auto-update completely “silent”, rather than just disabling it? I’d rather allow it on, but if there isn’t any other solution, I’m afraid I’m forced to just disable it, and try to remember/bother manually update it once in a while.

Not to sure if this works but, if you right click icon in taskbar and de-select enable tray animation,does that work?

Nope, It’s already off.

To clarify, in case of possible misunderstanding, when I mentioned about an animated Comodo firewall logo, I’m not referring to the one you get almost constantly while tray animation is enabled (the one that represents in/out going traffic). I’m referring to the one, that you get when Comodo has updated your firewall (shield with an arrow downwards).

I think your only option is to turn off the automatic updates features. You can check for updates manually, though it has been a long time since there were any as Comodo are now concentrating on perfecting the next version of the firewall (currently beta testing).

I would not worry about turning the updater off as this is not critical as it would be with an antivirus program and the built in safelist is unlikely to be updated until version 3 is released.


Download Tweak UI. In the General menu, go to Focus and checkmark the option “Prevent applications from stealing focus” as shown in the image.

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Actually, I already have Tweak UI, great little program. Never noticed that option before, great tip Zito.

And thanks for others too, lets hope the version 3 is even better and still maintains small footprint.

You can also do as I did with 2.4… leave the updater feature On, but create an Application Monitor rule forcing it to Ask each time. Then CFP will give you a popup to Allow/Deny the updater to access the net. Deny w/o Remember until you’re ready to go.

And yes, v3 is better (IMO) and has an even smaller footprint. Not sure how the updater will work, as it’s not enabled in the Beta.