Annoying alert - Would you like to switch back to normal mode?

is there anyway to disable this? i get SOOO tired of downloading and installing a bunch of stuff, and it keeps alerting me that im in install mode… it keeps popping up in the middle of conversations and everything.

No way to disable it other than returning to your previous mode.

■■■■, i hope one day they can make that an optional setting. i know its an internet security firewall but ■■■■, lol

It’s a good thing that it keeps reminding you because you don’t want to leave it in installation mode for any longer than necessary.

Yep, but I’m hopeful that someday CIS will be smart enough to realize that the install process is complete and reverts back to the previous mode. Although I can see how that could be difficult to detect.

That doesn’t always work. If you don’t switch to installation mode you still may be bombarded with needless popups.

Because if you don’t, CIS isn’t able to properly discern the parent/child processes of a given installer.