Announcing ASG 1.12 - that's it for 2013 folks

Hi All,

You may have noticed that ASG 1.12 went live a couple of hours ago when you went a logged in to your dashboard. If you are not an ASG user yet, please see here Anti-spam | Cloud Based Spam Email Filter Security from Comodo - 2019

Thought we would give you hard-pressed, over-worked, under-paid mail-admins a break and make your reporting life a little easier (as well as impressing the IT Manager with how wise you were when you chose ASG ;))

You now have a new icon in your dashboard called ‘Audit Log’. This will tell you what your users did with their emails, when they did it etc. etc. You can read all about it here Audit Log, Antispam Gateway v 2.12, Email Management, Domain Storage

So that’s it from you friendly, neighborhood ASG team for the year. We wish you well over the festive season, have a good one and try not to work too hard for a couple of weeks. Yeah right!

To all the ASG devs and QAs, thanks guys - it’s been a great year!

We’ll be back with our next release in mid-February 2014 with a great new feature for you. No, I’m not telling :-X

Kind regards,