Announcement - AntiSpam Gateway 1.5.5 released

Hello all,

We have released version 1.5.5 of our Antispam Gateway with some added features and a couple of enhancements to existing features.

  • We have added a “Download” button in the “Log Search” console so that you can now download the transaction log
  • To stop users from abusing their delivery queue we have removed the “Delivery Queue” icon from the user’s control panel
  • We have reworded “Accessible logging days” to read “Log Retention Period” - makes it a bit easier to understand
  • We have added a “Reason” column to the Quarantine panel to make it easier to see why email is being blocked - this one took a bit of work and is still being refined so please bear with us
  • We have removed the case-sensitivity from the user’s (and admin’s) login names.

There is still more to come so keep an eye open for version 1.6 due to be released ~27 September!

A free trial is available here Anti-spam | Cloud Based Spam Email Filter Security from Comodo - 2019 and the admin guide is here Comodo AntiSpam Gateway - Introduction, Free Anti Spam, Email Spam

Kind regards and take it easy.
Product Manager - Comodo Antispam Gateway.

looks like a great service congrats

You should try it. Its definitely very good and affordable.
What I like also is that it’s very easy to use (deploy and manage).

good job guys!

cant i dont have a email server. i use gmail

I can provide you with one. :smiley: