Anitivirus events

I have had the comodo antitivurs on my computer for a long time. And what I thought to be a good virus proctor turned out not to be I guess , because I have now found out the reason my computer is not
been working right is due to a virus.
and when I go to Anitivirus Events it shows me all kinds . but wth do I do with the ones thats on here .
under status they say differant things , sussess, removed , detect , or quarantine , and then on the main page i have somthing saying I have 42 appl active and running in mempry and I got 1 waiting to review , but i have nothing in the review page when i click it.
I hate this comodo thing and now it has ■■■■■■■ up my computer and I cant remove itor nothing else , because thanks to it I guess i got a virus ,

Can you please give some information about your system?

  1. What is your version of Comodo Antivirus (or is it CIS)?

  2. Please give details of your configuration.

  3. Have you scanned your computer with any other programs? (If so what did they find?)

Don’t worry. We’ll get to the bottom of this.