animation shows just outgoing traffic

Hi and god bless you all people behind Comodo

I usually use a dsl connection, and when I use it everything is all right.
But when I have to use another connection (a dialup or through my cellphone) firewall animation just shows outgoing traffic while obviously there’s incomming too. This happens everytime I use a new connection.
Do you know which setting I’ve missed?

I’m worried if comodo is monitoring incomming traffic at all or not.

It’s Comodo Firewall 3.5 on Vista

Thank you in advance

You are using an older version of CIS. Please consider updating to the latest v5. Unfortunately you will have to do a clean install as too many things have changed.

In case you want to test on v3.5 go to and let it do a port scan.

Or you can look at the firewall logs to see if it shows any blocking activity. To do this you will have to have to have it set to the stealth Global Rules. That is the rules set with a block and log rule at the bottom (has a red icon).