animated smilies

How do I turn off the animated smilies above the message box?

Its part of the forum design. Doesn’t bother me. You cannot change how the forum is designed.

It doesn’t bother you to have all that jumping up and down going on? Sure do hate it. Makes me miss Usenet (again)…

I guess you can complain to the person who designed this web page but these forums are for Comodo related problems not web site nags.

you mean this :BNC :BNC :BNC

or this
(:HUG) (:HUG)


i think there’s option to disable smileys somewhere, and if you hate the smileys, blame SoyaBeaner
he created those smileys ;D

No I didn’t. I only added the smaller ones that came after the smiley set, all of which are in Comodo’s picture database. Besides, I think there used to be option to disable them, but don’t know what happened afterwards. Best to ask one of the admins.

If you ask me, look who has the biggest arrogant smiley avatar.

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  1. at least it’s not bouncing :BNC
    i don’t know that smiley can be so annoying :slight_smile: