animated comodo banners in signature.

does anybody know where i can find some of the lovely comodo banners that i see in some forum members signatures please,?
I dont know where to find them.

Many thanks.

Which ones? Like the one I have or another type?

hi elliott.
yes just like yours.
I dont know how to incorparate it into my signature.

Thanks a lot.

The moving is just the {move} tags. The actual banner I edited from another I found around. What is your active protection? It would help me find one easier.

Hi elliott.
Ive managed to find one within the forum.
Ive downloaded the image to my desktop but i dont know how to get it within my signature.
My active protection is CIS v5.3.

many thanks to you.

Upload it to Tinypic then copy the link that has the {img} tags on it, then on your profile, go to forum profile information, then go down to signature and paste the image.

Wow it worked haha.
I dont know how to animate it but a big thank you to you elliott your a star.

What animation do you mean?

Hi elliott.
Actually moving the image like yours.

Use these tags on your signature. (You can see the tags if you use quote)