Android mobiles and ransomware

Mobile ransomware in particular has become an especially prominent tool for cybercriminals in recent months. Ransomware infects a mobile system to delete photos and personal files, with the demand that users pay an amount of money to restore their phone back to its original state.


To all the experts out there will the current mobile security protect against this? Esp when it comes down to the android system?

Thank you

Let me rephrase this. When the detection methods fail (virus database)? What’s next?

I guess CIS with it’s backup feature but if that itself has been hosed then…! Great point to make tho bravo!

Thanks. So in other words no protection after virus database we doomed LOL! :slight_smile:

Yes! Sad but true. Is there a way around it I am not sure maybe sandboxing part of all of android which is more on google to do I guess then any security vendor. All apps are sandboxed already from each other but that looks like it’s not enough.

Is there any this kind of ransomware for example? :o

Yes it’s out and about in the Android market at the moment. It will get worse soon experts worn.

Could your give me the download link~~?
or the name of it?

I don’t have any links. I don’t do malware tests. You can find it on the ‘live malware testing sites’. I don’t have any names. It’s not PC viruses so it is mixed with regular Android malware I believe.You can ask the guys here at the forum who specialize in malware testing I’m sure they can help you with it.

Thank you!

Nasty stuff so be careful.