Android Gmote and CIS Prem - Connection Problem

I have narrowed the problem down to firewall in CIS. If I disable CIS firewall, I am able to use Gmote ( using my Android Phone - HTC Droid Incredible through the 3G network to remote connect to my laptop from anywhere to use my phone for a Power Point Remote or remote mouse/keyboard. I have set CIS Firewall to add Gmote Server and the Java Runtime that it requires as “Trusted Applications” through the wizard under the Firewall tab. This did not work, so I went into Network Security Policy to set some advanced settings. I added rules to add the TCP/UDP ports 8889 and 9901 (first one for PPT Remote, the other for Remote mouse/keyboard support) and then moved those rules to the top of the list (Similar to the Setting up a Direct Connection Knowledge Base Answer); however, I am still unable to connect to my computer using this Software with the Firewall active. I would really like to get this software working without disabling my firewall. What am I missing to make this work?

Operating System: Windows Vista 32 bit Service Pack 2
Other Security Software: None, other than the Anti-Virus and Defense+ features of CIS Premium
COMODO Version: 5.0.163652.1142
Virus Signature Database Version: 6454
Error: On Phone: “Connection Problem” (very detailed I know, but it basically can’t find the server when the firewall is turned on)

I’m having the same problem, using Wifi.

would appreciate if anyone could offer some advice