Android Developer Tools (ADT) and Comodo Firewall Problem

I’m trying to build an Android application using the latest Android Developer Tools (ADT) downloaded from the link below:

I have added all applications which are used for building to Comodo firewall trusted appilications. But emulator can not run normally.

When I disable the firewall, everthing works fine.

How can I fix the problem?

Welcome to the forums.

Did you install the Firewall with D+ active or just network firewall with D+ not active? When you say you disabled the firewall how did you disable the firewall? Can you describe the steps you took?

Thanks for your kind welcome and answer.

I have installed the Firewall with D+ Active.

I have changed both Firewall and D+ from Safe Mode to Disabled

The trick for working with compilers and alike tools is to give the compiler the Installer/Updater policy in D+ That way all the files created by ADT will be trusted and you won’t be alerted.

Also make sure to add installation folder of ADT to the Exclusions of Detect shellcode injections (i.e. Buffer overflow protection). This may help if an executable has problems starting up or acts erratically otherwise.