Android 4.0.4 not supported?

I have an issue in that CMS cannot be installed my Android 4.04 tablet due to getting a message along the lines of CMS not supporting this version. Tried from both the Play Store and CMS site.

I purchased this Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 brand new 5 months ago and neither then, nor now, is it supported by Comodo. I am sure that there are many other tablets out there running this version of Android. I have not rooted the device and have no intention of messing about with it in this way.

Instead I have succesfully installed and tested Avast, AVG, GData, Webroot and Zoner. Why is Comodo missing off this list, and for such a long time, I would prefer to install CMS if I could?


I have a kyocera Hydro and it also states that it isnt compatible guess they dont support 4.0.4 :frowning:

Im running AVG Mobile Security PRO at the moment though :slight_smile: since i know how to get apps for free :smiley:

Try to download directly from comodo website:

and then install. Because of unknown reason, Google Play sometimes says that app isn’t compatible, when actually it is.

LOL turns out it is compatible hehehe google play trolling