Android 2.1 - "Error when doing SSL" error

I’m trying to get my HTC Desire syncing email with my company’s Exchange 2007 server, but I’m getting an “Error when doing SSL” error when I try to sync. My searches on the forums seem to suggest that this issue usually arises when you use a self-signed SSL certificate, but my company uses a certificate signed by Comodo, so I would have thought that would be fine. Workmates using iPhones don’t have any problems connecting to Exchange, so I’m left scratching my head as to why I’m having this problem.

It’s also a little weird because, when I enter my username, password, server name, etc. it seems to update my mail alright the first time, but then comes up with this error every check after that, and always fails to sync my calendar and contacts.

Can someone shed some light on what’s happening? Do Android 2.1 phones not come with the root certificate for Comodo or something? What should I check to diagnose this issue?

It could be a wide variety of different issues. Your best bet is to submit a support ticket [ ] with as much detail (and screenshots are helpful) of the issue as you can.