...and then there was RC2

Hi All,

We released RC2 a little earlier today (I see a few have stumbled across the link already :slight_smile: )…

RC 1 cannot be upgraded to RC2 so you will have to do an un-install/re-install but your licenses will remain intact as will your endpoint display, groups and policies.

You can get the latest edition here Shopping Cart (CESM_Setup_3.0.60213.1_Full.exe).

Check out the new toys hiding in the dropdown menu

  • get all processes (and terminate them)
  • get all services (and stop/start them)
  • set up email alerts (this is done in the Configuration tool and enabled in the ESM Preferences)
  • we’ve put the Endpoint Actions on the dynamic toolbar (that’s the one at the bottom of your screen)
  • zoom in & out when you are in panoramaic display
    and a few other UI changes.

So that’s about it until release day on 21 February, enjoy…

Kind regards,

Congratulations in this important release, prior the worldwide public release for next week!
This weekend is play time. Amazing CESM 3.0!

Thank you also to all other COMODO team members (CIS team, CCE team, and others) for their hard work. (:CLP)

Failed create new Invoice - Cannot buy free product

Hi Scott,

I replied to your question in the other thread on this board.