...and then there was 1.6


Remember when I said “There is still more to come so keep an eye open for version 1.6 due to be released ~27 September!” in the previous announcement?

Well, AntiSpam Gateway 1.6 is public! (Come on you other guys - keep up :slight_smile: ) It actually went live yesterday but we didn’t tell anybody so that we could give it a full “production” once-over.

So, whats new?

  • Under ‘Quarantine settings’ we have set a limit of 185 days - we thought 27.5 years was a bit excessive
  • We have allowed viewing of more than 15 items in the Quarantine list (see bottom right of the display) - Thanks to JerryL & RonH for that suggestion
  • You can now whitelist emails directly from the Quarantine console
  • We have removed the admin’s name from the URL


Admin can now choose whether Empty quarantine reports are sent out (It’s in the main dashboard under Manage report subscriptions in the Customer management section) w00t!

Still a lot of stuff to get in (about 38 different mods, improvements and new functions as at right now) so our apologies if we couldn’t get your request in to this release. The next release is due out during the first week of November so stay close.

You can sign up (if you haven’t already) for your trial here Anti-spam | Cloud Based Spam Email Filter Security from Comodo - 2019 and the admin guide is here Comodo AntiSpam Gateway - Introduction, Free Anti Spam, Email Spam

Keep it real,

Your friendly neighborhood Product Manager,



Good Job Michel and COMODO Team. :-TU

I tested all new features of ASG 1.6 and it works really great.

Just a couple of suggestion:
A user can REQUEST a “release”, add an address to the “blacklist” or “whitelist”… and CANCEL A REQUEST.

The CANCEL REQUEST button should be disabled by default.
And it should be enabled when a user selects a message that has a REQUEST PENDING.
If the message has no a pending request, then the CANCEL REQUEST button should be always disabled.

Right now, without selecting a quarantined message, I click the CANCEL REQUEST button and the page only refreshes. Thats only usability basics. :wink:

The second sugestion, is to UPDATE the ACTION of a message.
When a user request for example to RELEASE a message, the action of the message changes to RELEASE REQUESTED and an email is sent to the administrator. If the administrator rejects the request, the action of the message is BLANK when it should be REJECTED BY ADMIN or something like that.

The way it is right now, returning to blank the “action” of the message, a user could get the wrong impression that the system is not working and will request again a release and this could cause a loop problem.


Hi w-e-v,

We have already discussed this via email but for the benefit of other readers, this will be addressed in the “Global” quarantine section which will be coming soon.