and Comodo Froze:


Since other users have comodo running on vista,
I think I know why it was freezing everything up for me.
But not for sure… and this was the latest comodo.

Running windows vista home premium 32 bit. With NO updates. latest AVG Free Edition.
1015MB RAM - Intel(R)-Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHZ Processor

  • So if you have not updated vista with the latest updates… Do Not Install Comodo!
  • Make Sure you make a System Restore Point before installing comodo.
  • Those two should be a sticky.

I had to use system restore to fix the pc back to normal. Even after having uninstalled it.
First time I’ve ever had to use system restore on any pc operating system.
So apparently the uninstallation does not function as desired…

Other Info: When the pc booted,everything looked good… d+ was learning…seemed ok.
Then I cliked on the comodo icon in the system tray after that was done. and it popped up and froze up immediately. Never even got to see what it looked like. I rebooted again… This time I click the firefox browser and dialed up… and tried to get to this site, then the firefox froze up. and any icon I clicked on either didn’t load up or froze up. Task manager would not load up, the froze up firefox would not end. Nothing would work. Uninstalled comodo… and stuff still wasn’t right…
Done a system restore…and everything was back to normal. Thank goodness.
I will never gripe about system restore using 33gb of my drive space ever again.