An update ... but things don't look good.

I’m having extreme difficulty getting this message to post. I’m not certain why I’m not even certain if it has posted yet, or if this one will post. Nor am i certain any of the attachments i included with the postings went threw. I waited 20 mins. and nothing changed on my screen then suddenly I was looking at having to sign in again to the forum!!! now I am here typing this and wondering did my info and attachments get threw for you to look at? SOS!

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi, flywelder.

As you’re obviously (am I right?) still on XP 32, I’d recommend the following procedure (nothing guaranteed, just some things I probably would’ve tried when still on XP 32) :

Clean your temp / junk files etc. with the following five (six) tools, one after another.

CCleaner slim:
CCleaner enhancer:


Junkware removal tool:

After having cleaned your system with the above mentioned programs by the highest measures,

download Kaspersky’s tdsskiller.

Unzip. Under “settings”, check:

“Loaded modules”
“Verify file digital signatures”
“Detect TDLFS file system”
“Use KSN to scan objects”

Connect to the internet and click “start scan”.
Your computer will need to be restarted once at least. Wait for the results to appear onscreen. If anything is found, (try to) clean it.

Download Kaspersky Virus removal tool:

If it won’t run on your system, try the older version:

Check all options (with the highest settings applicable including heuristics) and run. Will take some time, depending on your system.

If anything is found, please save the results and upload the .txt file here. :slight_smile:

If nothing has been found yet (or just to make sure), try the following alternatives:

Emsisoft emergency kit:

Panda cloud cleaner

ESET online scanner:

Use AdwCleaner once more after having installed Auslogics Registry Cleaner, as possible unwanted temp files will be found and erased ;).

Kind regards, REBOL. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

When you log in with default settings you will log in for 60 minutes. That could explain why you were logged out.

The event logs and CIS logs you sent were from events that took place between May2 and 15. Can you run Diagnostics today and post its result?