an other example where i can't control the firewall...


its not my 1st topic where i show examples where the firewall decides things against my will.

i have deleted all the trusted vendors list, the firewall is in safe mode.
i’ve installed opera browser and launched it. comodo never launched an alert to ask me if i want to block or allow the application.

it should do it, since it is the safe mode and the “Create rules for safe applications” choice is not selected.

when i checked an other time the trusted vendors list, i was surprised to see that an opera line was created automatically.
so if all is created automatically what is the aim of the possibility to delete this list…?

and how to do to have an alert when i launch for a 1st time a new application?

It was the cloud look up that added Opera to the TVL.

You want an alert for all applications trusted or not? Why not set the firewall to Custom Ruleset? It’s basically made for just that purpose.

i get it