An old program is now in Unrecognized files


Under Unrecognized files, I have a PDF Creator entry whose status is ‘Unknown’. Comodo says it was first observed in January 2015, but the Modified date of the file in file explorer is 23/10/2012; I did not update it, and the auto-update is turned off.

VirusTotal says it’s clean and was first analysed 2013-04-29.

However, PDF Creator started triggering new Defense+ alerts since January, trying to change protected registry keys and the like… And when I click “Refuse” on the alerts, it doesn’t seem to bother it, it works as it should…

What do you think happened? Does it look like malware?


By default CIS will show alerts for unrecognized programs, if the application in question is clean and you trust it, you can add the application to the trusted files list and CIS will not show alerts for it anymore.