an invalid argument was encountered [Resolved]

since a few days when I try to read my logs,I only get the message an invalid problem was encounterd
so I don t have any chance to see (for example)from which adress an udp scan was made…
any solutions?

thank you

I hope my first post isn t too simple,I tried the search but didn t find any good result…

howdy, welcome to the forum.

How about try reinstalling CFP in safe mode? Ensure that any previous firewalls are uninstalled and not just disabled.

reinstalling CFP in safe mode?

how should I do this?

thanks alot in advance (L)

First, you’ll have to uninstall CFP. Then reboot into safe mode.

Right after your reboot, or right after “Windows is shutting down” with the blue screen, keep pressing the F8 key on the top of your keyboard until you get to the black screen with some menu options. Select Safe Mode with the arrows keys and press enter after you select your OS (most likely you just have one). Safe Mode will look weird, but it almost guarantees there won’t be any software conflicts during the installation.

OK I will try this…

using comodo since the first days…never had any problems…


I forgot to include:
if you have other security programs to uninstall them and then reinstall each one, one-by-one to be safe, with CFP being reinstalled first.

I m using avg antivirus…I should uninstall it too?

Well, :-\ to be 100% certain it’s not a compatibility issue between AVG and CFP you should uninstall both, reinstall CFP and then finally reinstall AVG. So for that you’ll have to have a copy if the setup files. Remember to disconnect from the internet or unplug your cables if you have to during this process!

Believe it or not, this was the solution to another weird issue with auto startup items not functioning for another member whose CFP and their NOD32 AV has been working for months…

solving this problem was much easier than I thougth :smiley:
I just deleted all the logs in the log folder…and now it s working fine again…no problems
sometimes the simple solutions are the best

Awesome. This was a strange solution, but it turned out to be true for you.

PM an online mod if the issue returns to open this topic.