An interesting article on Browser Password security.

Here is an interesting article on Browser Password security. I found it after reading about the latest IE password security bug Serious security flaw found in IE, Dated-Tuesday, 16 December 2008. Yes I know this bug is about a week old, but it’s the first I have heard of it, and it is just now getting major publicity

I find it interesting that IE7.0 scored lower in the tests from the article from 12/12/2008(Link 2) then in the tests from a earlier test dated 7/24/2008(Link 1). Could this be due to MS updates?

Link 1)Major Brands Fail Password
Manager Testing. Dated- 7/24/2008

Link 2)
Google Chrome Receives Lowest Password Security Score. Dated- 12/12/2008

The tests are performed on Opera 9.62 Firefox 3.0.4 Internet Explorer 7.0 Safari 3.2 Google Chrome 1.0

You can take your browser for a test drive in version 2.0 of the
Link 3) Chapin Information Services (CIS) interactive password management demonstration at the CIS website. There are 32 questions/tests some with multiple parts

My test results were different/lower than they report for Firefox v3.0.4 but I don’t think I read/answered all the questions correctly. I might retry again later. I would like to see if someone can duplicate their results for the different browsers, and if their test work, to check Comodo’s I-Vault(I know it’s development is on hold for now) I have not used I-Vault, nor do I plan to. I do not save my passwords in any browser or on any password storing program. I don’t believe they are safe. I am still waiting for some one to change my mind on that issue. I don’t think anyone can.


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In my head.


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