An inbound connection

I have one inbound connection that has been sitting static (unchanged) for at least a couple of hours now. Does anyone know what this represents? It looks like my router talking to my computer. Why doesn’t it terminate?

Protocol Source Destination Bytes In Bytes Out
TCP IN 390 B {499 B/s} 468 B {1 B/s}

This connection is one of the NetBIOS family of protocols, which are used by Microsoft Operating Systems for things like file and printer sharing. This particular connection (TCP port 139) is the NetBIOS Session service, basically a connection orientated connection request, from one of the devices on your LAN, to another device on the same LAN. If you’re not using file and printer sharing you can disable it.

With regard to the amount of time the connection appears to have been extablshed, you will find the Active Connections viewer, doesn’t always update as well as it should. You’re probably better off using an external network monitor, such as TCPView or CurrPorts

So the Comodo connection viewer isn’t reliable?

I still see the connection there, many hours later but it does not show p in currports or TCPview.

As I said, it sometimes doesn’t update. Your choice to use or not.