An impossible situation with CSC

I can’t understand how Comodo could offer a program nearly impossible to uninstall. I have tried every method
I could find with no luck. This program appears to have assimilated itself onto my PC with no means of getting it off. No mention of it appears in “Add or Remove”, the Program Files directory, or All Programs in Start. Even under Window’s Search it cannot be found. Under Help in the program itself directions to uninstall refer to methods that don’t even exist on my machine. What was Comodo thinking?

In order to save myself the frustration of pouring through pages of similar complaints in this forum, can anyone offer a simple solution for getting rid of CSC permanently? Frankly, I think that any program that cannot be easily uninstalled is malware. >:(

Which version are you using?
I was using the latest beta and it was portable (just delete the folder…).

I’m using the latest version. But what has that to do with my problem? No matter what version I’m using there should be a reasonably easy way to uninstall the program. There isn’t. It doesn’t even appear as an installed program in the Program Files directory or anywhere else.

Sure. But I never used previous versions and only the latest beta (portable), so I was talking about my personal experience. I’m not justifying the weird uninstall process for sure.

doncha love it. go to, download CCleaner and (file)Unlocker. U should have both of these anyway, read about them. Try to remember to close everything(even stuff running in the background) when you install anything. and reboot after you install anything, before you run it. Majorgeeks is great, read the guides. Good luck. Are u ready for martial law in Amerika?