An extremely odd problem...

Hello all! First off, I’d like to commend the good people at Comodo for bringing us an outstanding, easy to use, and powerful firewall for free. I have been recommending Commodo ever since Sygate quit offering SPF. Call me a fanboy, I’ll quit gushing. :wink:

To the meat of the problem. After a random period of usage, my computer refuses to connect to the internet. I have found that after disabling Comodo Firewall, that this seems to alleviate the problem ( but not always ). It is extremely odd, as I can usually still work at the command line level by using ping and tracert. When I open my email client or web browser though, I see no activity whatsoever though. It almost feels like the TCP/IP stack is corrupt, but then why does turning off Comodo Firewall allow me to resume browsing and sending emails? I’ve been trying to find a resolution to this problem for quite some time now and I cannot seem to quash the issue. Does anyone have any words of wisdom to point me in the right direction for fixing this? I am running XP Pro SP2, with a P4 3.2 gigahertz chip, 1 gig of generic ram, on a T-3 connection. I’ll provide any other specs if requested. Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

Have you recently denied access on any popup? Can you check if anything is blocked in application / component monitor? This can happen particularly when blocking a popup about svchost.exe.

Have you rebooted your computer and tried again?


While I haven’t seen this issue with new build, is your Comodo install file on same partition as your OS? You don’t have any other firewalls I assume? XP firewall is disabled with CPF but it won’t disable others. Also, do you have sleep mode or standby enabled in Windows?


mike668: No, I installed Comodo around two months ago in learning mode. Since my initial few weeks, I’ve not had to block anything. Rebooting the computer does fix the issue, but it is a continuous thorn in my side.

comicfan2000: Yes, Comodo is on the same partition as my XP install. I used to run SPF, but it was removed before I installed Comodo. Windows Firewall has never been enabled on this computer. I also do not have sleep or standby enabled.

Thanks for the quick responses, hopefully I can get this resolved. :wink:


R u using the latest version of Comodo Firewall? If not, previous versions had a bug that can cause this.

But if you are using the latest version, I think we should see your Logs to understand whats happening.


I could have sworn I had the most up to date version, but it appears to be very out of date. I’ll update Comodo Firewall immediately and quit wasting your time! ;-p