an error occurred while reading information from the backup

Hello I am trying to perform a restore of a full backup and I keep receiving the following error at the start of the backup. I checked the log and the backup session was recorded as successful with no errors. I also did an image verification on the backup and that reported no errors. When I let the restore proceed it does not complete successfully. Any ideas as to the cause of this? I am using comodo backup 4.0.7

29.01.2012 08:10:25 Opening Backup…
29.01.2012 08:10:25 Opening backup file H:\E_full_files.cbu
29.01.2012 08:10:25 Initializing Restore Information…
29.01.2012 08:10:25 Restoring full backup
29.01.2012 08:10:25 Reading backup information…
29.01.2012 08:10:25 An error occurred while reading information from backup.
29.01.2012 08:10:25 Checking if restore destination is in use
29.01.2012 08:10:38 Restoring items content…
29.01.2012 08:10:38 Processing item E:
29.01.2012 08:10:38 Processing item E:$RECYCLE.BIN
29.01.2012 08:10:38 Processing item E:$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-848170279-1648631178-3376425910-1000
29.01.2012 08:10:38 Processing item E:$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-848170279-1648631178-3376425910-1000\desktop.ini
29.01.2012 08:10:38 Processing item
29.01.2012 08:10:38 Processing item E:.swf

Were you using selective restore when you tested this? I mean did you select specific items in restore step 2 or did you select to restore all the items?
The issue seems to happen only with selective restore.

A fix for this will be available in a few weeks.


Meanwhile, if you need to use selective restore, you can use one this GUI.exe, place it in your installation folder and use it instead of CBU.exe:
GUI.exe (32bit OS)
GUI.exe (64bit OS)