An Avira Antivir 9 driver with no name is loaded by Services.exe

System WinXP SP3
Comodo 3.5.54375.427
Avira Antivir 9

After Updating Avira from ver 8 to ver 9, I got an alert on boot that Services.exe is trying to load a driver
The problem is that this driver has no name (empty string) in the Comodo dialog
If I allow and remember an empty entry (an empty string again) is created in
Defense+>Services.exe>Access Rights>Device Driver Installations>Allowed Drivers

This empty entry won’t ‘work’ on next boot (I will be asked again)
Only workaround is to allow Services.exe to load any driver (which is not desirable)

To be precise I’m asked twice on each boot for a driver without name

Note, Avira has at least 3 drivers :
avgio.sys and avipbb.sys which already existed in Avira 8
avgntflt.sys may be a new one in Avira 9
Avira has many features to protect itself, that may be why Comodo can’t retrieve the name of one or two drivers when they are loaded.

I’m pretty sure the problem comes from an Avira driver since the problem occured just after my upgrading to Avira 9 and rebooting (and nothing else, especially Windows, had been updated since the previous boot)

Is someone can see if the same behavior occurs with a similar version of Comodo and Avira,
and if, maybe, it is fixed by a newer version in Comodo…

If someone could at least confirm this problem between Comodo 3.5 and Avira Antivir 9 exists, or does not exist (so that I could look elsewhere for a possible conflict).

I had an info : Avira is set up to ‘load-early’ (an option set during installatiion) and protect owned processes/files/registry keys.

Really suggest you update to v3.14, with out inporting configuration as that will damage CIS and possibly your computer.