An Avast file waiting for my review.

Why is it that I see the file clnr0.dll in my pending files? It’s an avast file and I had submitted it and yet I still see it??? It’s the first time I had submitted a file though but I would have thought it would be ok by now.

Since thousands of files are submitted to Comodo on daily basis, both false positive, virus and suspicious files through submit feature, it may take sometime for Comodo to whitelist list. However, if you are certain that it is a safe file of Avast, you can easily move it to My Own Safe Files from ‘My Pending Files’ window under Defense+.

Hi, from what I can gather on Alwil’s forums it seems that clnr0.dll (Virus/Worm Cleaner component), along some other DLL’s, is frequently created on-the-fly. Perhaps this why it constantly showing up in CIS’s Pending Files… it’s constantly being created anew.