An "Apply" button please!

Hello… this request links to another I made yesterday about the Unrecognised Files window, but is a different idea.

The thing is that because of the way I use my PC, I spend a lot of time telling CIS that files can be trusted.
For example this morning I’m testing out a couple of programs and I’ve opened the Unrecognised Files window about 8 times in the last 15 minutes to get various exes to run.

So I’m keen for anything that can make this constant interaction with the Unrecognised Files window easier and less time-consuming.

What I’d really like to see then, is an Apply button. At the moment I have to open the Unrecognised Files window, right click and send the files to Trusted, and then click OK which closes the window. It would be a great improvement for me if I could click Apply instead so I can then leave the window open for when I need it again two minutes later.

I know I could just switch off BB instead while I’m testing software, but I’d rather not have to do that.

Thank you!

+1000 (Please add a poll)

So many times I’ve been annoyed by having to click “OK” to save the settings and then having to open the window again.

Button next to “OK” called “Apply” would be wonderful, please implement this comodo devs!

Thank you, poll added : )

I also edited my OP as I remembered that I was actually talking about the Unrecognised Files window not the Trusted one, but I think an Apply button would be a useful addition in any window where “OK” closes the window.


+1 We need that

Voted. :-TU


why not make a folder called ‘trusted unknowns’ then add the folder to trusted folders. then all .exe should be treated as ok, if and only if you realy can trust the programs.

I’m not happy about giving blanket approval to folders, plus it seems that moving exes to another location reverts them to unknown/untrusted files.

Lastly, there are several dialogs in CIS which to me would greatly benefit from an Apply button, so I’d like to see it added as a matter of course anywhere that has OK and Cancel, as is the normal practise in pretty much all software.

+! (voted) you convinced me :slight_smile:

I don’t know why the devs didn’t see the need of it, you have to click OK and reopen the window, really annoying.