An Antivirus/Antispyware Rescue CD

How about COMODO AV on-demand scanner loaded from a bootable CD.

  1. COMODO creates the application
  2. You (i.e user) downloads the latest virus database file
  3. You point COMODO app at the database file and voila… an ISO, which you can then burn to CD
  4. Boot and scan your harddisk(s)


how about a bootable scan like avast?

More than a boot CD, something similar to Active@ Bootdisk. A WinPE based utlilty disk with virus, trojan and malware scanner that can boot from CD, USB flash drives or even HDD. Like Active@ bootdisk, it should allow to connect to networks and internet for latest updates (very handy when using USB Flash).

Adding utilities such as disk imaging, data recovery, password recovery / reset, internet browser, text editor, hex editor, partition utilities, file browsing etc.

Maybe go the BartPE way and allow for plugins to be created.

Love your products and a Comodo Rescue Disk would be fantastic. (:WIN)

an excellent idea! What about manually download virus and spy-ware definition as well? :slight_smile: ;D

I haven’t heard or seen Avast’s. Do you mean by automatically scanning once loaded?


no what it does it that it schedules a scan before windows starts, it scans everything before anything has a chance to start. This is what it looks like when it runs.

Cool, looks like a good idea :). Is it possible that it could still become infected in some way though?


Hey graham1,

Yep, you could still be infected even if you run a scan at boot time. MBR infectors, though rare, do exist and they would be executed when the disk is intiialized and before the boot-time scan commenced. The concept of a bootable CD with AV on it is a better way to go.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well this is all great but what about the new and real threads of those viruses that rewrite motherbord chip hardware and BIOS? A good tool to protect that would be my number one.

I think if you password protect your bios you should be fine.

Support, the idea really interesting and has the right to continue.
And about the password on the BIOS, many users do not know even how it enter.

Nope, the virus rewrites the whole chip so including passwords.

Its a grate idea. :-TU
They should include some useful Apps with it too as well as a AV Scanner. I.e Firefox, as Bit Defenders AVBCD does, Start-Up Repair tools, System File Repair Tools and I’m sure they could put CSC in there if they wanted.

Sounds like a winner CD :-TU

I have a Computer business and I use a disc to boot into called wininternals for fixes and repairs, it boots into a windows invironment its great for certain fixes but it has no virus or antispyware included.
So a Comodo bootable disc for fixes would be great!

One important point should be the easy usage of the CD( or tools). I work as an operator (as an inteface between users and admins) in a university and i can say even the professors can be scared with techspeak

Something like this maybe works:

  1. download ComodoRescueCDCreator.exe (click the link… download is a complicated thing :slight_smile: )
  2. put in a (re)writable cd/dvd
  3. run the exe
  4. download the LatestAV.databasefile
  5. copy the file to an usb
  6. boot the corrupted comp with the cd
  7. plug in the usb
  8. Everything is OK. Go get a coffee, we solve your problem… :smiley:

Nice idea, would be a handy thing to use. +1 from me… :-TU

Bios virus are still not practical of hackers do do it and use them, they have to flash the hole bios, and to do that they have to pass truth a series of things.

Maybe in future a tool for that would be nice.

Be nice maybe to start a poll on this, that way we could maybe get a better idea if people would want this and for Comodo to act on this. :slight_smile:

This would be fantastic, especially if it included CSC and CBU as well… and where applicable an update feature. (AV and CSC)

Here’s hoping… with fingers crossed.