An anti-spyware

Yes, why not an anti-spyware, like MBAM!! :wink:

malwarebytes is designed for running alongside with another antivirus.
Comodo and malwarebytes are also incompatibles.
And Malwarebytes is designed for prevention with his ip guard and desinfect computers.
Comodo and " cce " is coming soon as far i know.
PS : malwarebytes is not a antispyware.

Its not a antyspyware but if it find one, it put it in quarantine also! :wink:
btw: when it desinfect, its not preventive!! :wink:

the realtime is prevention with his ip protection.

Comodo antivirus does scan for spyware.

You can even set up a scheduled scan to just do spyware.

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By the way the window for that looks different with V 5.0.